Terms and Conditions




The Lee Kum Kee NZ Developing Chefs Challenge (hereinafter referred to as “Challenge” or “Competition”) is a competition where young culinary chefs from New Zealand can challenge themselves and learn and interact with each other in order to elevate their skills and create innovative cuisine. At the same time, the competition will help ensure sustainable development of the industry and enhance NZ’s culinary standards.

Organiser: Lee Kum Kee’s New Zealand representative, Acton International Marketing Ltd.



Application period. Competition closes at midnight on 6th September.

Contestants will be notified if they are proceeding to the final competition.

9:30am Finalist to arrive at the venue at 9:30am for a tour of the competition venue and kitchen facilities. Introduction of the competition rules and terms and conditions.
11:00am Competition commences at 11:00am. Winner announced at the conclusion of the competition.
LOCATION - Main Course, 20 Beaumont Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland



Contestants must be currently full-time or part-time culinary chefs, (or in training) and under the age of 40 (born on or after 1st January 1982).


Contestants must apply online at www.nzdevelopingchefs.co.nz using their own name and recipe. Contestants shall prepare an original dish using at least 3 Lee Kum Kee Sauces (excluding the Slow Cook range, Ready Sauce range and Menu Oriented Sauce range). Qualification for the competition is non-transferrable. The organiser reserves the right to disqualify any contestant who has failed to provide all the required information, has been found guilty of providing false information or been found to be ineligible.




The final competition will be held on 27 September 2021. The location is Main Course, 20 Beaumont Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland.


Selected finalists shall prepare the dish they prepared for their entry video, using their specified ingredients, at least 3 Lee Kum Kee sauces and using Chinese cooking techniques.


Three completed dishes of the contestant’s recipe shall be prepared either in separate servings or as a single dish.

-       One will be used for tasting by the judges (4 servings).

-       One will be used for display and photographs (4 servings).

-       One will be used for tasting by special guests and sponsors (4 servings)


1.     The organisers shall provide all the ingredients, sauces and seasonings for the competition based on the competitor’s entry recipe.

2.     Contestants are prohibited from bringing any ingredients or sauces to the competition. The judges reserve the right to disqualify any participant doing so.

3.     Processing of ingredients, such as cutting, seasoning, soaking, mashing, marinating, pre-heating, broth making and decorative carving must be done during the competition.

4.     Bringing any pre-made or semi-completed dishes to the venue is prohibited.


Stoves, kitchen equipment and tools are provided by the venue. Besides knives, contestants are prohibited from bringing any other cooking utensils, such as a blender or pressure cooker, to the competition.


Cooking station location: The organisers will allocate cooking stations and advise contestants.

Each contestant will be given 90 minutes to complete their dish:

First 30 minutes (ingredient preparation)

-       During the preparation period, contestants can check and collect ingredients, seasonings and sauces provided by the organisers.

-       Contestants will collect the serving plates required for serving their dish.

Remaining 60 minutes (cooking and serving)

-       Contestants must prepare three completed dishes of their recipe within the time allocated. Late completion will result in point deduction.




  1. The judging panel will consist of three judges.
  2. Scoring Standards: the total score for each dish will be 100.
The dish tastes authentic and fresh; the seasoning is just right, highlighting the right amount of flavour, whilst retaining the original flavours of the ingredients; smart use of complex flavour elements.
Exquisite knife work; ingredients are prepared in an orderly manner; any gravy is consistent; the main and additional ingredients have been matched appropriately; ingredients are cooked to the right extent while keeping the texture and highlighting their characteristics.
Creative use of sauces; dish is well designed; new innovations and concepts are introduced to current culinary techniques.
The colours are natural and pleasing; good presentation and match well with the serving plates.
All ingredients and tools are handled properly; the utensils and serving plates are clean. Any excessive wastage will result in point deduction. Raw and cooked food should be segregated; there is no inedible item in the completed dish.
  1. There is to be no communication between judges and contestants during the competition.
  2. Any revision made on a judging form must be countersigned by the corresponding judge.
  3. Unless otherwise stated, the organisers reserve the right to delete, revise and add any competition terms and conditions without notice to or consent of the contestant. The organiser’s interpretation of the competition rules shall be final.
  4. Contestants are not permitted to engage in any campaigning activity to the judging committee or representatives of the committee without permission.
  5. Any decision made by the organisers and judging panel shall be final.
  6. The organiser reserves the right to disqualify any contestant who has failed to comply with the competition rules or is found to be without the right entry qualifications.



  1. Finalist  must be dressed in a clean and tidy uniform, including the attire provided by the organisers, black trousers and safety shoes, during the competition period.
  2. Contestants must arrive at the event venue at 9:30 am on 27 September 2021.
  3. Contestants must attend the competition by themselves in the kitchen. Other people cannot accompany them into the kitchen, except the Judges.
  4. Contestants are also prohibited from smoking or using their mobile phones during the competition.



  1. A briefing will be held at 10am on 27 September 2021 at the venue.
  2. The briefing will include:
  • Introduction of the competition rules and things to note; contestants must read and understand the terms and conditions.
  • Competition schedule and kitchen arrangement.
  • Tour of competition venue, demonstration of the use of kitchen facilities and other information. Apart from the official competition time allocated, contestants will not be given any additional time to inspect the facilities on the date of the competition.



  1. Finalists from Auckland are to make their own travel arrangements.
  2. If a finalist resides outside the Auckland area, the organisers will contact the contestant directly to make travel arrangements.



By entering the NZ Developing Chefs Challenge contestants agree to:

  1. All the information provided by contestants is true, correct and complete.
  2. Contestants have read the terms and conditions in relation to this contest and agree to comply with all the terms and conditions therein. Contestants agree to indemnify and hold Lee Kum Kee and Acton International Marketing Ltd harmless from and against any claims, damages, losses or liabilities arising out of any contestant’s breach of this declaration and/or other relevant terms and conditions.
  3. Contestants understand that the first prize for this New Zealand competition consists of an NZD$3,000 cash prize. The New Zealand competition winner will gain entry to the global International Young Chef Chinese Culinary Challenge (IYCCCC) competition (date yet to be confirmed). 
  4. Contestants confirm that they available to travel to the IYCCCC in Hong Kong on the finalised dates of the competition and will make themselves available to attend all events associated with the competition. Contestants understand that no family members or other associated people are able to attend these events.
  5. All copyrights of all the images/photos provided by contestants and the recipes created by contestants shall be automatically transferred to Lee Kum Kee at the time of submission. Lee Kum Kee has the right to use and reproduce the said images/photos/recipes, without any cost and without any restriction, for whatever purpose.
  6. Lee Kum Kee has the right to arrange for different media to report this contest and/or interview contestants. Contestants shall speak on their behalf only and undertake not to make any comments and/or do any acts which may be harmful to the reputation of Lee Kum Kee.
  7. Lee Kum Kee has the right to use contestant’s name and photo for promoting this contest or for promoting other similar projects in the future.
  8. Contestants shall assume full responsibility for any contestant’s injuries or death or any third parties’ personal injuries or economic losses which is caused by contestant’s negligence.